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    America’s Funniest Robots

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    I found this gorgeous animated short film, which was directed by Ishida YuYasushi.  The stylization and charm reminds me of Studio Ghibli films or anything made by Mamoru Hosoda, the director of Summer Wars and The Girl who Leapt Through Time.

    See THIS is why animation is so amazing. They make you feel for a chair. A CHAIR, PEOPLE. Tears! I’m a weeny and I’m crying, so there.

  3. ca-tsuka: Cartoon Saloon animation studio artists worked for…


    Cartoon Saloon animation studio artists worked for Brian Boru exhibition (Trinity College - Dublin).
    Illustrators : Tomm Moore (director of The Secret of Kells), Ross Stewart and Alice Dieudonne

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    Carolyn Gan

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The next step in human evolution.


    The next step in human evolution.

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  9. Famous Movies Remade With Hysterical Animation [Video]

    These 30-second animated trailers for famous movies will have you laughing out loud. They’ve redone films like Citizen Kane, Blade Runner, The Big Lebowski and The Shining, turning them into something new in the process. In this version of Citizen Kane, for example, it’s not longer all about Rosebud but Gross Butt. It’s all part […]


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  10. Photographs Made from Woven Film Strips by Seung Hoon Park

    Part collage, part photography, part tapestry, these fragmented interpretations of iconic buildings and landmarks by Seung Hoon Park (previously) are truly something to ponder over. Each image begins with 8mm or 16mm camera film strips which he lays down in rows to create a larger surface that effectively acts as a single piece of film. […]

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